With over twenty-five years of combined clinical and administrative experience, Judy has a comprehensive first person perspective of the challenges that many professional organizations currently face. She strongly believes that communication and relationship at every level (e.g., communication and relationship between colleagues, departments, clients, etc.) is the biggest issue faced by members in professional industry today. Through advanced training techniques and communication skills, Judy is committed to workplace wellness, employee engagement and executive resiliency.

As the Founder/President of Involution Inc., Judy is currently a highly sought after motivational speaker within the dental industry. She has been praised as being an engaging, authentic, and humorous speaker. Her use of real life examples allows people to easily identify with her concepts and teachings. Judy’s presentations leave her audience members motivated and enthusiastic about realizing their goals – both on an individual, team, and organizational level. By tailoring programs to individuals, teams or organizations, as well as having an international network of relevant advisors that stretch across multiple professions, Judy is able to stay on the cutting edge of this ‘next generation corporate wellness performance model’.

What We Offer

Along with private practice consultation, practice management services, and risk assessment services Involution offers numerous options for continuing dental education. Those options range from single evening, single topic sessions to full and multi-day programs that cover a range of topics. The program can be delivered in a turn-key fashion or can be customized to meet the needs of the audience or practice.

Currently, Involution delivers the following topic areas under the Inspired Practice branding:

Vision and Culture of the Successful Practice

It is imperative to give voice to the core values and beliefs that shape what the practice stands for and where it’s intended path forward is in the future. This course is foundational as it allows the doctor and the team to co-create a vision and mission statement for the practice which is often instrumental in defining the culture of the practice (or “re-defining the culture in most cases).

Optimizing Practice Administration

An inspiring and comprehensive overview dealing with every aspect of front desk administration including: telephone management, financial management & collections, patient dismissals, daily and monthly management and patient management. Learn effective communication skills that bring results in every aspect of font desk administration.

Systems of a Winning Practice

The purpose of creating systems in a dental practice is to increase effectiveness, efficiency and clarity. This module’s focus is writing systems and incorporating them around function not people so that the practice vision becomes easier to attain. Systems run the practice and people manage the systems.

The ABC’s of Marketing Today’s Practice

There are many ways to attract new patients to a practice and retain them once they walk through your front door using both external and internal marketing methods. Because everything you say and do both in and out of your practice is representative of your brand and is therefore marketing; this module instills in your team the importance of ambassadorship. Understand the importance of marketing for your practice; come together as a team to create unique and fun marketing strategies.

Case Presentation Ideals

Case presentation is often said to be the most difficult area for clinicians to master. In part this is due to a misunderstanding that a great diagnosis will “sell itself”. After discovering the essential elements that lead to successful case presentation however what was once daunting will become comfortable. This module will uncover the four critical questions that achieve the goal of having the patient say “yes” every time with ease.

The Hygiene Practice, a New Paradigm

Shift traditional thinking from hygiene departments as the “bread & butter” of the dental practice to hygiene as “Profit Partners; a practice within a practice” and learn to successfully link hygiene to healthcare and dentistry promoted as a “whole body health model”. Discover the value of developing the role of hygienists as restorative partners and establishing systems that define your hygiene department as a re-connection centre for restorative treatment plans. It’s a win-win-win result!


Messages Behind the Mask.

The Science Behind the Smile

Body on Fire, Brain on Fire

For more information on dental practice management, consultation, or dental continuing education sessions please contact Judy Lefort at (403) 701-4339 or judy@involutioninc.ca