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“Health is a unique commodity – it cannot be bought by the wealthy nor can it be given to the poor”

                                                                          ~ Bob Barkley DDS

Give yourself the competitive edge; shine brighter in today’s economic market.


–        Learn the vital link between oral and systemic inflammation.

–        Understand the evidence based relationships between oral infections, systemic diseases and conditions.

–        Learn an interprofessional approach to guide treatment decisions and to recommend preventive strategies for the benefit of patients’ overall health.

–        Expand your knowledge on interpersonal relationships and learn the importance of uniquely individualized relationship-based, value-driven care.

–        Learn how to influence patient behaviour towards compliance and treatment acceptance through motivational interviewing techniques.



Dr. Anthony Iacopino

Dr. Jennifer Primmer

Date: Saturday November 7, 2015

Location: Patterson Dental Calgary
#112, 4152 – 27th St. NE, Calgary

Time: 8:30am – 4:30pm (Lunch Included)


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