Dr. Jennifer Primmer is a Registered Provisional Clinical Counsellor. In her private practice, she works with members of the community, Veterans, Correctional Officers, and First Responders who have experienced traumatic events. She is a highly sought after keynote speaker in the areas of emotion, trauma, effective communication, non-verbal behavior, stress management, motivational interviewing, and personal and professional wellness. Dr. Primmer has published works in internationally recognized academic journals and is a prominent workshop/seminar leader.




Dr. Jennifer Primmer is a Registered Provisional Clinical Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellor’s Association. She received a B.A Honors in Philosophy with an emphasis in Cognitive Science and a Minor in Law from Dalhousie University, a M.A in Philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Ph.D in Philosophy with an emphasis in Cognitive Science from McMaster University. Dr. Primmer has close to fifteen years of experience in research pertaining to issues surrounding emotions, consciousness, the mind/brain, cognition, and human behavior.

Dr. Primmer is regularly engaged to speak at community-based events on a range of topics, including post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, critical incident stress, resiliency, work-life balance, non-verbal communication, and stress management. In 2016, she organized a sold out gala in conjunction with Wounded Warriors Canada called PTSD911: An Evening Hope, benefiting veterans, first responders, and their families.  

Dr. Primmer is passionate about helping veterans and their families as they navigate living with post-traumatic stress disorder and various other occupational stress injuries. The proud daughter of a veteran, she has personal experience with the effect that deployment has on military children, and the effect that post-traumatic stress disorder and occupational stress injuries have on the family unit. A survivor of post-traumatic stress disorder herself, Dr. Primmer has first-hand experience about how debilitating the condition can be. However, she also knows that it is possible to overcome, and has dedicated countless hours to educating others on how to do so.

Dr. Primmer volunteers her time with Military Minds Inc. – an international organization comprised of combat veterans offering peer support services for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. As the resident “Doc”, she creates programs to assist veterans and their families. She is the co-founder of the LZ (Landing Zone), a prominent peer support group to assist veterans, first responders, and their families overcome the difficulties that their occupations bring to their family life.

Running, hiking, ballet, and spending as much time as possible with her fiancé and their adorable Pomeranian, Sixx, helps Jennifer to maintain balance in her busy life!