At Involution Inc. we are committed to personal and professional excellence. At the heart of our organization is the belief that human beings should thrive, not just survive. We believe that a balanced lifestyle is fundamental to the health and success of every individual. Mentally and physically healthy individuals are the building blocks of every successful professional organization.


Involution Inc. is a wellness company that focuses on personal and professional wellness. We offer psychological services, including counselling and psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and groups that focus on resolving issues related to anxiety, depression, trauma, post-traumatic stress disorder, grief, relationship issues, and stress management.

We also offer clinical hypnotherapy, meditation, breath work, yoga, workshops, and private classes where we can customize continuing education programs for your specific personal or business needs.

Our customized programs have been shown to reduce absenteeism, protect against workplace burnout, decrease medical costs associated with stress-related illness, enrich the lives of staff, improve workplace dynamic, assist in retaining talent and improve overall commitment and loyalty to company and brand.