Brett is the public face of Involution Inc. He cultivates relationships with our clients and identifies potential clients and investors in the business community. Brett is an established information technology professional with experience ranging from Microsoft Sharepoint Coordinator to Microsoft Exchange Administration. He is driven by a strong desire to help people work smarter, not harder!




Brett received his Computer Networking and Security (NISS) certificate from CDI College in 2011. He also attended Concordia University, in Montreal, QC, to pursue an interest in History and Eastern Religions.

As an established information technology professional, Brett’s experience in the field ranges from relationship management directly with clients to project management and system administration. His long history in customer service roles ranges from teammate to team lead.

These experiences have allowed him to develop strong skills in troubleshooting, conflict resolution, and interpersonal management skills. Brett has endless patience when dealing with clients and excels in making technology accessible to others. He is driven by a strong desire to help people work smarter, not harder!

Brett finds balance in life by maintaining an active lifestyle. You can always find Brett at the dog park with his Aussie/Sheppard, Hex, skateboarding, snowboarding, playing volleyball, rock climbing, practicing yoga, or gaming. He has an insatiable love of travel and art. He is a true humanitarian at heart and lives in the present moment one day at a time.

In addition to his role as “Netwoking” Strategist for Involution Inc., Brett welcomes the opportunity to lend his expertise in the area of IT services. Please contact him for more information at