Joe is a former elite level athlete who leverages his interests in science, sport and technology to try and make every day one worth remembering. He has a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology and will one day figure out what to do when he grows up. While doing that, he has had the privilege to live and work throughout North America with some of the most notable companies on the planet.

"You can tell he lives and breathes this, he takes it home at night."

− IT Technical Conference, Chalk Talk Participant 2012, Seattle, WA USA




A lifelong interest in sport, science and technology led Joe to complete a Master’s Degree in Kinesiology at the University of Calgary (1994). After completing his education, he developed a swimming video analysis solution that was used at the 1994 Commonwealth and 1996 Centennial Olympic Games as well as numerous other major international competitions. He then transitioned from sport science with a technology orientation to a pure Information Technology focus and that has been where he has stayed for the majority of his career. During that time, he has helped organizations of all sizes, including some of the biggest of the Fortune 500 to meet their information technology, communications and security needs. One example of this is: while employed at the most recognizable name in the technology industry, he developed and delivered both tools and technical training that were used by staff and customers worldwide. Currently leading a team at one of Canada’s largest energy firms, he now stays closer to home, but still gets to make a difference on a daily basis.

By being close to home, he gets to spend his personal time doing what he really enjoys, playing outside. Whether it is road, cyclocross or mountain biking, road or trail running, he is virtually guaranteed to be outside every day. Summer heat and winter snow just add to the adventure. Simply put, his car gets less mileage than his self-powered pursuits.

His love for the outdoors appeared as a child and helped him reach a high level of competition both as a cyclist and a runner. While in university, he was an elite mountain bike racer; as a runner, he has competed on road and off for over 30 years.
As one way of giving back to the sports he loves, he is one of the organizers for the Banff Jasper relay, “The most beautiful relay in the world”, which is going into its 11th year in 2015. He also is one of the venue leads for the Scotiabank Calgary Marathon and a volunteer for the Tour of Alberta bicycle stage race. He has guided multi-day bicycle trips and loves to share the joys of the outdoors, both on foot and by bicycle.

With his grounding in science, sport and technology, Joe brings a unique and refreshing perspective to work/life balance in today’s busy world. When the opportunity to work with Involution was presented, he was onboard immediately. Involution’s way of combining the personal and the professional is an excellent match to his approach and he looks forward to sharing with others.